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:: What Size Dermaroller For Stretch Marks : Revitol Stretch Mark - Stretch Mark Prevention

What Size Dermaroller For Stretch Marks

Revitol Stretch Mark - Stretch Mark Prevention

Finally, A Stretch Mark Cream That Really Works!
With Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream You Can Prevent Stretch Marks from Forming and Reduce the Appearance of Existing Stretch Marks!

What Size Dermaroller For Stretch Marks

Climically Proven Result
Several studies have shown that stretch marks are among the top five causes for insecurity in women. During pregnancy, women are at an elevated risk for developing stretch marks, also called striae, because of the rapid and sudden growth of their body. Stretch marks are formed when underlying tissue grows faster than the skin layers covering it, causing small tears in the epidermal surface. Scar tissue then proceeds to grow in these tears, creating stretch marks.

While some women start showing a tendency of developing stretch marks during puberty, others only experience problems for the first time during a pregnancy. As the woman's abdominal area can be flat for the first four months of the pregnancy she can suddenly catch up during the fifth and sixth month, with extremely fast growth which subjects the abdominal skin to a significant amount of tension. In this situation the fetus is growing at a rate faster than the mother's skin can keep up with, resulting in epidermal ruptures leading to stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Prevention cream possesses powerful ingredients to effectively prevent and reduce the appearance of Stretch Marks while strengthening and deeply conditioning your skin.

The Stretch Mark Prevention cream's squalene oil promotes healthy skin while the vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract act to strengthen the collagen and elastin found deep in the lower epidermis. By stimulating the production of your own body's natural collagen your skin will become stronger and its natural elasticity will be increased. This will significantly aid in the prevention of dermal ruptures that eventually result in stretch marks. Vitamin D3 is a natural derivative of vitamin D produced by your own body when you expose your skin to the sun. However, for it to aid in the regeneration of the epidermal layer far more sunlight is required than our everyday modern life will allow, thus alternate sources of vitamin D3 become a necessity. The vitamin D3 in this product will complement the vitamins E and A in the stimulation of new dermal cell production.

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Don't wait for stretch marks to appear! As pregnancy progresses abdominal skin can often feel overly sensitive and tight, and this sensitivity does not always disappear afterwards. Stretch marks do not disappear either when left untreated.

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What Size Dermaroller For Stretch Marks

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